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Are MNEs better off at knowledge sourcing? - Antonello Zanfei

A critical assessment of innovation in moderns MNC - Ivo Zander

The role of international business in the global spread of innovation - John Cantwell

Curb your enthusiasm: the limits of offshoring and globalisation - Rajneesh Narula

Paradox: New lenses to understand innovation in the modern MNE - Vitor Simoes


Firm heterogeneity, absortive capacity and technical linkages with external parties in Italy - Antonello Zanfei

Views on multinational firms and innovation - Antonello Zanfei

The role of international business in the global spread of technological innovation - John Cantwell

Exploring the paradox of competence-creating subsidiaries. Balancing bandwidth and dispersion in MNEsRajneesh Narula

 Animal Farm. On the difusion of technological capabilities and the theory on the MNC - Ivo Zander

Gone are the creatures of yestyear. On the emergence and difusion of technological capabilities in the modern MBC - Ivo Zander

Quo vadis? The entry into new technologies in advance foreign subsidiaries of the multinational enterprise - Ivo Zander

Superstar inventors - towards a people - centric perspective on the geography of technological renewal in the multinational corporation - Ivo Zander

Superstar subsidiaries of tne multinational corporation. In search of origins and drivers - Ivo Zander

Win, place or show? How foreign investment strategies contribute to the technological growth of the multinational corporation - Ivo Zander






Workshop on the economics of innovation.

Organised by the Institute of Research on Innovation (IREIN) in collaboration with the Instituto Complutense de Estudios Internacionales (Complutense Institute for Intenational Studies, ICEI)

Venue: Instituto Complutense de Estudios Internacionales (ICEI). Finca Mas ferre. Campus de Somosaguas. 28223, Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid

Date: November 21st. 10.00-12.30

Speakers:  Professors Luiggi Orsenigo and Franco Malerba. Universidad Luigi Bocconi. Milan, Italy



10. 00:  Introduction to the seminar and speakers. José Molero. Universidad Complutense de Madrid

10.15-11.30: Luigi Orsenigo:

Spinoffs in contexts: entry and performance across industries

11.30-12.15. Franco Malerba:

Catch-up cycles: windows of opportunity in the evolution of sectoral systems in the global economy



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