Education and training

There is a close collaboration with the Inter-University Master in economics and management of innovation (MEGIN), developed by the Complutense University, Polytechnic and Autónoma de Madrid universities and boasts considerable international demand and has enjoyed the mention of quality awarded by the Ministry of education. Annually she teaches more than 30 students, of whom more than half are foreign, including countries of Latin America, Asia, Europe and Africa. Additionally the Interuniversity Doctoral would join in Economics and Management of Innovation (DEGIN), taught by the same universities and currently has the Mention towards Excellence, granted by the Ministry of Education.

In both cases, there is close collaboration with international centers and experts who continuously come to give lectures or conduct seminars specialization. Non-regulated activity will consist in the Organization of courses or other training activities of short-cycle, according to the demands of public and private institutions.

"Collaborating institutions"

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