Justification and objectives

Recent developments in the international economy has put in the foreground the factors that encourage competitiveness based on knowledge and intangible assets. Find a competitive path to long-term requires an increasing effort to incorporate more and better knowledge in all phases of the economic process.  Indeed, innovation is an essential piece in the pursuit of that path. However, it is detected that in this context seldom is taken into account that the efficiency of innovation also needs analytical, training and management support but not strictly technological fields, but economic and social study.

In Spain in the last decades there has been a gain of positions in the breakthrough performance, but it is still far from the more advanced countries. The crisis situation and the need to changed the basis on which the production model is based demand an effort renewed in this sense.

The advance in the understanding of how it works, is exploited and enhances innovation requires a global approach. Therefore the implementation of institutions with this inclusive mission has a strategic character

The creation of the Institute of innovation studies (IREIN) has as main objective to promote and coordinate high-quality research on the development of innovation as economic engine, strengthening international competitiveness and improvement of the Spanish society.

IREIN has two characteristics that distinguish it from other similar institutions

1His character of open structure, based on cooperation with researchers from many different universities and national and foreign institutions

2His close connection with the business world, as a result of the leading role in the development of innovation. To achieve its objectives, IREIN has the support and participation of the innovative enterprises Forum, true "alma mater" of this experience, which gives meaning to the close linkages with the productive agents.

Putting into action, the association with the Science Scientific Park seeks to create a space for strategic cooperation that benefit both institutions.

"Collaborating institutions"

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