Guide lines

The institute is guided by the following guiding principles, held as strategic objectives:

AMBITION OF GOALS AND EXCELLENCE. The existence of the new institute is justified if ambitiously developed for a central level and international projection out minimalist or parochial conceptions. For this it is essential to selecting the most qualified people in the current landscape of research on innovation in our country and the regular inclusion of specialists from other countries , addressing issues with an integrated view.

ORIENTATION ON SOLVING PROBLEMS. Research on innovation is sine qua non for the center to keep the high level of analysis provided . However, this center has from its very original idea, an essential vocation for the ability to serve the solution of practical problems, both in the world of business and associations, as public institutions. The development of the ability to identify these needs and contribute to their solution is nuclear for the project.

INTERDISCIPLINARITY. The interdisciplinary character of the institute is essential. Although in the center of its objectives the study of the relationship between innovation and the development and competitiveness are, for this to occur usefully to society must incorporate methodologies from other scientific disciplines and relate knowledge to experimental know the reality of the new developments and their potential consequences .

ECONOMICS AND MANAGEMENT. In its core competencies, the Institute will combine the study of aspects macro of innovation, as their relation to growth, employment and competitiveness, with other micro factors that stimulate the innovation in enterprises.

BUSINESS JOINT ADVENTURE. By its design , the institute should be closely linked to the business world from two different perspectives . A , the presence of innovative companies in their design and operation to facilitate the identification of needs and goals , and another , leveraging the best practices of companies in the creation and dissemination of knowledge.

SYNERGY WITH OTHERS. The institute part with a clear idea of ​​serving the best development of innovation studies in Spain , comparable to what happens in countries with higher commitment to innovation way . Therefore assumes the task of strengthening collaboration with other groups and research centers , national and international , for which collaborative networks and heavy use of the potential of research in open structures will be established.

TRAINING. In a complementary manner , the institute will conduct training programs for human capital in the field of innovation . To do this already has two excellent programs (Master and Doctoral ) developed jointly by the Complutense University , Madrid Polytechnic University and Autonomous University

"Collaborating institutions"

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